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Neil is now writing for the homeopathy zone to be found in this exciting website devised by award winning health writer and broadcaster Susan Clark. Alongside the homeopathy zone you will find up to date information on children's problems, ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine, the doctor zone and body, mind and soul.

Check it out, it is packed with vital information for anybody interested in their health and complementary/alternative medicine.

VACCINATION: A guide for making personal choices

By Dr Hans Peter Studer,  Editor Dr Geoffrey Douch
Publisher Floris Books ISBN 0-86315-455-7

Vaccination: A guide for making personal choices

As a homeopath I am often asked by parents about my view regarding vaccinations and should they vaccinate their child or not. My response to this is to try and inform them about the pros and cons and point them in the direction of unbiased, accurate information regarding the question of to vaccinate or not? Such information is hard to come by; a lot is either written from a biased or emotive point of view or does not have references to back up the statements being made. I firmly believe that the decision is the parents, but they often need access to good information so that they can make an informed decision. This book will now be at the top of my list of what parents should read.

Dr. Studer has written a well balanced and well researched book in which he discusses the areas of childhood vaccinations. He does not tow the standard medical view of you must vaccinate nor does he follow the alternative medical line that all vaccines are toxic and must not be given. Instead he views every vaccine as a separate item; discussing its contents, the pathology and epidemiology of the disease, the risks of vaccinating/not vaccinating and when it might be best to have the vaccine if that is what you decide. He expresses his concerns about thiomersal and the age of administration.

The use of combination vaccines (DTP and MMR) is discussed, as is the alleged link between MMR and autism/inflammatory bowel disease.

The book also gives a review of the epidemiology of epidemic diseases, the origin of vaccinations and how the proper development of the immune system might actually be dependent on us having diseases such as mumps and measles.

I would strongly recommend this very readable book to any parents who are going through the agonising decision making regarding childhood vaccinations it could very well help you to decide how to proceed.

The book is available from the clinic at £7.59 (includes 60p P&P).
To order call 020-8543-7948 or email me.

An Excellent Product Range

Arnica Montana homeopathic and herbal preparations

A new range of products that bridge the gap of homeopathic and herbal preparations has hit the market. They are the formulations of leading homeopath Kate Diamantopoulo; she has drawn on her years of experience and also ancient aboriginal medicine to produce a range of creams, balms, soaps and ointments that are just fantastic and 100% natural. Each comes with clear directions on when to use and how to use them.

The product range falls into three categories; the Arnica range, the Salvia range and the Calendula range. I have used all three in my clinic and the feedback is very positive. The Arnica range has been particularly useful for young and old alike the cream absorbs well and is not greasy (a big plus compared to some of the other creams on the market). The Arnica poultice is just the ticket for more severe and deeper bruising, after being kicked by a donkey (don't ask!) and having a large bruise the colour of a purple plum on my thigh I can testify personally to this.

For the general aches and pains of exercise, digging the garden, decorating, hiking etc. the bath soak and Arnica soap are a must.

I have waited a long time for products such as these that I know I can trust and recommend whole heartedly to my patients. They are also very reasonably priced, something that has to be taken into account when making recommendations to patients.

They are also stylishly packaged and would make fantastic and useful presents for family and friends.

For more information or to place an order have a look at the website you won't be disappointed. Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy also stocks the full range both at Tunbridge Wells...

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy
97 Camden Rd
Tunbridge Wells
01892 536393 (24hr answerphone)
[email protected]

and at their other branch in Covent Garden, London.

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